Remote services are nothing new; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is becoming increasingly common, and what was a temporary measure is here to stay!

Without a doubt, performing services on site has its advantages for example on-site audits allows the auditor to examine processes in real-time, complete in-person facility tours and interviews, and observe non-verbal communication.  Training courses held in-person tend to be more interactive.

However, with technological advances, training, audit, and consultancy services can be provided partially or completely off-site, and there is a range of technology that can be used, such as live streaming platforms (i.e., Microsoft Teams or Zoom), mobile technology with video capabilities (i.e., Skype or Facetime), screen sharing and cloud portals. Discussions can be held, data and documentation shared, processes reviewed, interviews conducted, and observations made from all over the world without the need to travel to any sites. Review of documentation remotely works well allowing multiple person input in the minimum time frame.

Amongst the benefits of remote services are:

  • Reduced environmental impact / carbon footprint
  • Improved efficiency due to reduction in travel time and disruptions to workflow
  • Costs are reduced with the elimination of fares and accommodation
  • Improved flexibility of timing meaning less disruption for auditees
  • Increased security against biological and other threats
  • Reduced risk of ‘audit burnout’

It is, however, important to note that it is not always possible or sensible to provide remote services. For example, a remote audit should only be considered when both the auditee and auditor are satisfied that the audit objectives can be met and are aligned to the scope of the audit. Specialised training may also pose challenges especially in determining efficacy.

Here, at Tower Mains Limited, we are committed to the continuous development of our remote services to provide support for our clients, and we have a comprehensive selection across GLP, GCP, GMP, and quality systems, conducted by our team of experienced QA professionals.

We use Microsoft Teams as our primary communication and collaboration platform but would be happy to use clients’ systems, if preferred?

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