About Us

Tower Mains Ltd was established in 2001 offering audit, consultancy and training. Its clinical services and clinical training were provided by 3D Clinical Research Ltd (the brand name for Tower Mains’ clinical services). TMQA (Tower Mains Quality Assurance) describes the QA aspects of Tower Mains Ltd. As our services have grown and developed it is more relevant to return to our TOWER MAINS branding.

What Makes Tower Mains Different?

Tower Mains is proud to offer and provide expert consultancy to each and every client. Advice, information and consultancy is always provided with consideration as to how you are likely to use it in your particular situation, in other words, we offer practical and pragmatic solutions for your issues.

About Our Bespoke Project Designs

For each project, the objective, scope and methodology is specifically defined to meet your needs. This includes 3rd party audits, internal audits, quality management system support, clinical trial support and consultancy, preparation for inspection, coaching and training of your staff.

Personal Service

Each Client will have an Associate assigned to them with the knowledge and experience to understand your requirements and provide a truly personal service.

The Team

The team have a diverse range of experience and background beyond quality. Many of our team are active members in professional bodies including our Managing Director who is a former Chairman of the Research Quality Association (RQA)

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