The ‘5C’ approach to QMS

The QMS is more than just a list of documented procedures and processes. It links to every facet of your organisation’s performance no matter how big or small you are, therefore driving a quality culture throughout and ensuring everyone is responsible for quality. It’s organic, living – it’s not a case of simply implementing it and thinking the job is done. We use the term ‘The 5C approach’, which includes the aspects below:

  • Confidence – in you as an organisation to deliver.
  • Compliance – to appropriate regulations and standards.
  • Communication – documented processes, a readiness to utilise feedback for improvement.
  • Challenging – by continually reviewing the QMS and adapting.
  • Charting – defining, improving, controlling processes and training opportunities as well as the organisation’s direction.

These are all high-level goals that an organisation must be aware of when implementing a QMS, no matter what size you are or what industry domain you are in.

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