We have seen a growing trend in provision of remote audit, training and consultancy services. It is not always possible or sensible to provide remote services but the opportunities should be considered, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Technological advances allow us to share documents and hold discussions safely and securely without the need for travel. Amongst the benefits are:

  • Reduced environmental impact;
  • Improved efficiency by reduction of travel time;
  • Cost reductions by removal of fares and accommodation;
  • Improved flexibility of timing meaning less disruption for auditees;
  • Quality of life benefits for staff who are away from home less often;
  • Increased security against biological and other threats.

Tower Mains Limited is committed to continuing development of our remote services to provide support for our clients.

  • TMQA will shortly publish its procedures and conditions for remote audits. This will set out how auditors, auditees and audit clients can work together to ensure that QA services continue even when travel is not possible.
  • Training Courses will be offered as webinars so that staff training and development can continue safely in participants’ homes or offices. We are also developing new training programmes to maximise the benefit of “tele-training” and allow constructive use of any downtime that may result from the pandemic.
  • Consultancy support will be available on-line to help you prepare for inspections, review your dossiers, assess your CAPAs, refine and develop your Quality Management System or any other areas where we can assist.

We will publish articles with more details in all of these areas or, to receive them directly to your inbox, send your details with “Remote Services” in the subject line to info@towermains.com

Please call us on +44-131-450-7017 or email info@towermains.com for more information.