Our newly established Quality Management Team, Cate and Colin, have over 50 years’ experience to be tapped into, to guide you in your compliance journey. Let’s meet them…

Cate Ovington

Cate has a wealth of knowledge working with organisations to build simple, pragmatic research quality systems or transitioning an existing system to a regulatory quality system, covering diverse life sciences disciplines.

She is enthusiastic about quality and has a secret power to engage the disengaged and demonstrate how quality systems are a benefit to organisations.

This secret power is used while cycling and scuba diving to ensure that even in the depths of the ocean or on the lonesome road, quality concepts keep her bobbing along!

Colin MacDonald

Colin has been implementing Quality, Business, and Incident Management systems globally in Pharma, Lifesciences, Health and Social Care and even Military Applications. From Oman to the Falkland Islands and even exotic locations such as Slough!

He has a passion for RCA and Risk Management, and he thinks he has many diverse and interesting tales to tell!

Always happy to chat and provide advice and is currently using his QMS experience to train his puppy Aoife!

If you would like to find out more about how the team can help you, contact us personally at cate.ovington@towermains.com and/or colin.macdonald@towermains.com for a virtual coffee and biscuits to discuss your compliance journey.

“Comprehensive experience in assessing, developing, establishing and managing QMS throughout your compliance journey”.